Awnings for gardens - Toldos Alsina
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Wooden pergolas

Our wooden pergolas are treated for exterior protection and built with high resistance wood. They incorporate a sea sliding awning (folds) with the aluminum guide embedded in the wood mounting

Aluminum pergolas

It is an aluminum structure with built-in sliding door awning. The pergola is a very attractive and functional type of awning, and because of its characteristics it can be installed in multiple places, as well as gardens, penthouses, terraces, restaurants, etc. This model can be operated by a manual or motorized system


This functional model can be installed on aluminum and glass enclosures or as a sliding awning prior to the manufacture of the corresponding structure.


Consult our wide offer in large sunshades, made of aluminum, stainless steel or wood.

Doors and locks

Ideal to create a more intimate space, both in your home and in business (for example, restaurants and bar terraces). The goal is made up of a horizontal bar and two perpendiculars, in which the extendable awnings are installed, which can be combined with verticals. The enclosures can be composed by different models of awnings, to the taste and needs of each client.