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Installation and operation

Cable installation

The control point of the awning connects to the motor through an electrical cable.

This system is most frequently used in awnings located in new construction works.

Installation by radio

Thanks to the exclusive Somfy Radio Technology system, the installation of the awning is simplified to the maximum. You just need to connect the awning motor to the electric current.

The control point issues remote controls, and does not require any type of cable or connection to the awning.

This solution is especially indicated in reforms or when it comes to modernizing awning already installed motorized by cable.

Scheme of operation

The engine is located inside the axis of winding the canopy fabric, it’s invisible and practically inaudible.

Thanks to its built-in radio receiver, the awning captures the orders that are issued from the remote control.

The motorization ensures the complete closure of the awning, protecting the fabric perfectly.

Commands and automatisms


We have a wide range of remote controls, in order to find the one that fits better for your needs.

Consult with our specialists and let them guide you.


Eolis RTS

Wind sensor via radio to protect your awning. Is constantly measuring the speed of the wind, closing it automatically in case of danger.

Soliris RTS

Wind and sun sensor via radio. Extend and collect the awning automatically depending on weather conditions. Protect your awning with the wind and sun sensor: when wind or rain is detached, or if the daytime is flooded, the sensor will automatically pick up the awning, even if you are not at home.

Motorcycle advantages

More comfort

With a simple click on the switch or a remote control, all the awnings that you have will be extended or collected in a few seconds. Enjoy as best as possible your life in your terrace, garden or balcony with the awning automatisms!

Awnings will move according to your orders or automatically, thanks to an extensive range of cable or radio command points with multiple possible functions.

Preferred position: Depending on the engine, the awning remembers the position you prefer and automatically reach it.

Longer duration

If they suffer less, the awnings last longer. The smooth and regular movement that provides the motorization protects the structure of the awning: the tension of the fabric is regulated automatically, ensuring a correct extension over the years. Likewise, a perfect closure of the chest awning is guaranteed.

More energy saving

The installation of automatic awnings significantly reduces the cost of air conditioning, since they can reduce the heat caused by sunlight to 80%. More protection for the interior of your home.

Thanks to the motorized awnings, in the interior of the house are protected from solar rays rugs, wall coverings and furniture.