Balconies and terraces awnings - Toldos Alsina
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Straight point

Aesthetically simple, effective and very elegant. They fit perfectly in all the environments and adapt to any decoration.


It’s the simplest of the models. It has a double benefit for its unique arm system that allows two positions: one, totally vertical to the railing and the other, separated from it by means of simple foldable arms.


With few elements, it is possible to create a cozy and personal atmosphere in your balcony. Due to its vertical operating system, it is guaranteed its privacy. Ideal model for using translucent fabrics like Screen and Soltis.


Characterized by its measures adapts to all types of spaces. It’s a system with articulated arms and with adjustable inclination.

Extensible chest

It integrates in the environment and creates a unique harmony with its three profiles that allow the total closure with arms and canvas, leaving these materials protected from the inclemency of time.